Sick Plugs

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Lumpy Space Princess plugs available until the end of this month up to 30mm 

Thanks to @zombiienadine for the photo 😎 (at
@sarnie_ball has plugs that looks like sweeties! Get yours at  (at
That @missjoblacktattoos woman is giving away a free tattoo when she hits 10k Followers 

Sort it out! You might win ❤️😎 (at
The puppy has a rocket 😂😎😍👌🐶 (at Bruntwood Park)
Tattoo plugs by @missjoblacktattoos

Available in 10mm - 30mm (at
Keeping it real cool with Hokusai Wave and Galaxy Pentagram plugs.

Oh yeah! 😎❤️

Both available at  (at
Coolest thing ever? Mother of Pearl Snowglobes available in 10mm - 22mm (at
Fed up. Hot. Crooked toothed. Waiting in dentist’s waiting room for (late!) appointment…

Someone bring sweets and crisps! I’m starving! 😂😂😸 (at Prestwich - Manchester England)
Only available for a couple more days then they’re gone!

Don’t miss out! Loads of designs going to be going off the website to make way for awesome new stuff! (at
Breaking Bad “Los Pollos Hermanos” plugs 

50% off for the rest of today with code SCHOOLSOUT (at
Bead Filled double flared plugs!

Cute as! 👌❤️ (at
Happy Summer!

Don’t let the kids being off school ruin your fun. 😎❤️ (at
Today was Tattoo Day and my bestie @clare_lala touches up and refreshed the Animal Totem Pole she tattooed on my almost 12 months ago. 

One of my favourite tattoos from an awesome and super-sweet lady! ❤️ (at
My afternoon! F1 Quali and the puppy entertaining himself for now 😎😍

Hope you’re having a good one!  (at
Working with the fabulous Operatorium on a few things.

This is one of them!

Make sure you join in. Follow us (of course!) and Follow @operatoriumjewellery then follow the instructions in the photo.

Good luck!

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