Sick Plugs

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Not many Blue Snowglobes left!

10mm - 40mm: Just £6 each @  (at
Well! THAT was a popular competition over on Facebook.

Over 3400 comments 😁😳😎😍 (at
"Go Team!" tattoo-style cheerleader plugs available in 10mm - 30mm 

Designed by the awesome @justjentattoos (at

Epic! ❤️😎 (at
Hindu God Krishna plugs.

Available online in 6mm - 24mm
Don’t forget code GIMMESICKPLUGS for 10% off 
Another little shoutout and thank you to the lovely @merry_morgan_tattooer for giving me this awesome elephant on Saturday ❤️👌🐘

Go Follow and check his work out. He’s @missjoblacktattoos apprentice at Black Inc in Frome, Somerset (at
Preparation for car shopping: Level unlocked.

Two bags. 😃😋 (at
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?

Blue Bridal Tunnels with Swarovski crystal gem dangle ❤️

Available from 
Made by @operatoriumjewellery  (at
This made Monday a bit more pleasant! Love getting nice feedback ❤️ (at
So he got comfier!


Looks like he missed his Mummy yesterday!
Chilling with my boy! ❤️🐶 (at
And I got a Elephant on my knee!

Beautiful piece, my first one by @merry_morgan_tattooer 


Go Follow him and check his work out!  (at Black Inc Tattoo Studio)
I brought a good friend of mine to Frome to get tattooed by my other good friend @missjoblacktattoos 

This is what she got! ❤️👌 (at Black Inc Tattoo Studio)
What’s your favourite colour? We sell Silicone Tunnels in 8 colours! 😎😍 (at
New goodies arrived for @pinuppixie88 ❤️😎 (at