Sick Plugs

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Calling all magpies! Calling all magpies!

Bling Gem tunnels available @  (at
Swallows tattoo-style plugs available in 6mm - 24mm @ 

Wear them as a pair or give someone the key to your heart! (at
Just came off the phone to Leila of @operatoriumjewellery and she told me about the note she’d hidden inside a package to me…

She’s so lovely and you must Follow her! ❤️
@ry_page loves Beki Ess Tattoo Artist plugs! ❤️

Go check them out on our website in 10mm - 30mm  (at
"For what we are about to receive…" #grace 😁😂😂 (at
Mouth painting to brighten up a dreary Tuesday! 👌🙊 (at
How cool are these!? Our new Blue Glow In The Dark plugs, available in 8mm - 30mm @ 

@emmacauser91 has hers! Do you? 😎
There’s still a few of these axing @missjoblacktattoos tattoo plugs left in 10mm - 30mm

Go get them before they’re gone! (at
Hope you’ve had a great weekend? 

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Tonight and tomorrow left!

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Bobbie Black hugs! ❤️

@missjoblacktattoos (at The Three Swans)
Don’t forget! Friday just got better! ❤️😎 (at
Today’s Coke is for all the Kiras out there! 😁😎😍 (at
Thanks for the support and help getting the Facebook back up and running! 😎

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